Wellbeing retreats in Prince Albert

There comes a time when you are exhausted and simply need to get away from everything. Lying in bed at home for a few days binge-watching series sounds pleasant enough but isn’t rejuvenating in the long run, yet getting on an aeroplane bound for a foreign destination sounds a little too taxing.

Enter relaxing retreats in the charming Karoo village of Prince Albert. Popular venues Abrahamskraal and Simply Saffron offer getaways that range from a full week to a weekend and consist of peace and quiet and tranquility, as well as reinvigorating activities like yoga and meditation.

Read on to find out more.

Simply Saffron Wellbeing

Simply Saffron’s Wellbeing activities have taken centre stage at the venue in the last 18 months, with a focus on allowing their various therapeutic practitioners to cater to guests’ unique needs.

The holistic massage treatments incorporate modalities such as reiki and reflexology, and are done with special oils that are mixed from pure essential oils to relieve everything from muscle tension, digestive discomfort, respiratory complications or even nervous system problems.

Sipoly Saffron’s yoga classes are also shifting towards a more therapeutic approach and place special emphasis on focussing on individuals in class environments. The venue’s popular yoga retreats are now in their fourth year of existence under the guidance of Forrest Guardian Sandra Robinson from the UK, with the fourth Forrest yoga retreat in the Karoo taking place over Heritage weekend in September from Thursday, 20 to Sunday, 23 September.

Abrahamskraal Silent Retreats

Abrahamskraal is a farm with a rich history, located 33 kilometres outside Prince Albert, and offers silent retreats that vary in duration. During these retreats, noble silence must be observed: this means no communication through language, gestures, sign language or written notes are allowed (although one is allowed to speak to the life coach when necessary). Guests can look forward to true Karoo quietness and bliss, and will have a chance to connect with themselves and find inner peace and true awareness.

The weekend consists of structured coaching sessions that will help guests find insights that will support their next steps in life. Massage, Reiki and Reflexology sessions are also included, as well as yoga classes and meditation. Alternatively, guests have the option to find their own rhythm on the farm. A private bedroom and bathroom is also included, as well as three wholesome home cooked meals prepared with local produce per day.

For more information about activities and events in and around the village and to book accommodation, visit Prince Albert Tourism’s website at www.princealbert.org.za. Plus, check out Facebook (@PrinceAlbert.WesternCape), Twitter (@prince_albert_tourism) and Instagram (@PrinceAlbertZA).


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