History of Leipoldtville

Leipoldtville is a small town about 40 kilometers from Clanwilliam and 27 kilometers from Lambertsbay. Although not to many people know of the existence of this town, it was already established over a century ago, in 1905.

If the name Leipoldtville rings a bell, it is because the town was named after Reverend C.F Leipoldt who was a Dutch Reformed (“NG church”) minister in Clanwilliam from 1884 to 1910.

Although Leipoldt was a well-known minister, that wasn’t what he was known for but instead the fact that he was the father of the Afrikaans poet and food fundi, C.Louis Leipoldt.

The town itself, apart from tranquillity and the friendliest inhabitants, does not offer much, but it makes an ideal base to explore the West Coast. Come and introduce your children or your city-friends to a real “dorpie”, essentially a farming villiage with sandy roads.

In the town of Leipoldtville the building that houses the general dealer (no daily newspaper available here but friendly banter and a lovely collection of old tins) was erected in 1898.

Leipoldtville Garage echoes the architecture of the “Algemene Handelaar” -strike up a conversation with the friendly people inside, they would not want you to leave.
In fact everyone in Leipoldtville is friendly.


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